Products and makers

Finnish quality products made by hands

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Happy wooden pearls and bracelets, ear rings and necklaces from enamel, glass, felt and bone, flower ear rings from paper string


Dishes, vases, decorations and items for sauna


Coasters for glasses and pots, hats, mittens, slippers and other accessories


Products made by loom, textiles for sauna, bags made out of recycled materials

Glass works

Jewelry made from glass, platters and decorations from art glass

Leather works

Back bags, waist bags, pilot hats, leather bow ties and jewelry made from leather


Timeless knit works made out of natural's own materials!

Headpieces and accessories

All kinds of scarfs, hats and earflaps

Bags and purses

Groovy leather, unique textile purses and sustainable weaving

Products for sauna and wellness

Ceramic items for sauna, soaps, shampoos, sauna aromas, lotions from resin and honey, wild herbs and honey

Kitchen and decor

Products for place setting, signboards and candles, decoration pillows and pillow cases

Post cards and printed matter

A fun selection of post cards from different artists

Lahti products

Products from landmarks of Lahti

For kids and childlike

Soft toys, whirls and willow whistles


Wanna classic one or reflecting piece of jewelry?
Makers and manufacturers

Airine, Akanpaja, Anja Wähling, Antti Kotka, Arkkikauppa, Camala, Enkoopi, Evidesign, Gepetto, Havinan, Hyvän Olon Aitta, Ideri, Ikituuli, Johanna K, Kalevantuli, KM-hunaja, Korpiart, Kudontataito Eija Mäkelä, Marianne Valola, Marjaana Niskanen Design, Metropolis, Minka, Nahkanikkari, Neulemestari Sirpa Hakala, Osmia, Pienet Oranssit, Piipula, Puine, Railin Runokortit, Rakula, Sari Haapa, Spirraali, Tuias, Ulla Uola, Ulpukka, Uniqeco, Varpu Kalenius, Varpumetsä


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