I make elfs and sauna products from clay. Making elfs is lot of fun, by giving them their own personality.

I also use sheep wool by knitting winter wears like mittens. Finnish sheep wool is soft and super warm. I'm using nature's own colors.

In spring I'm collecting wild herbs for my products, including raspberry herbal tea.

Facebook: Varpumetsä
tel. +358 50 381 2376


I'm designing weaving and loom products. From paper thread I am making post cards and some jewelry.
tel. +358 40 8356369


My material is mainly glass and I'm making glass jewelry, dishes and decorations. I have simple models, joyful colors and a pinch of humor.

evi design
tel. +358 44 533 8205


The products of Havina are made with recycling spirit. I use vintage textiles and other over left materials. Pictures are made to my bags and post cards by sewing machine.
Most of my products are one of a kind and unique handicrafts. They have their own special stories.
Instagram: Havinan


I am a 4th generation's handicraftsman. I have been doing crafts since I was a little girl. Passion for making things has been always in our family. I'm using natural materials like wool, cotton, silk and linen. All my products are timeline, sustainable and individuals.

Finnish knitwears are excellent in daily use or in celebrations. For yourself or as a gift!
tel. +358 50 340 6957


I have made leather accessories since 1996. In my works I am using as much as I can a recycled leather and left overs from factories. In my selection I have for example pilot hats, bags and purses and jewelry from leather.
Instagram: Nahkanikkari




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